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The below material is provided to further assist you with your professional self-development.  The videos are short training scenarios designed to continue practitioner development by providing information on positive and/or negative behaviors in a "what now" scenario and potential courses of action. The viewer is presented with a situation to consider and options on how to proceed.  These real life scenarios can also be used to generate conversations at the team level by using the associated facilitation guide to walk small groups through the situation to discuss possible remedies.  This material is not part of any formal course curriculum and no educational credit or completion certificates are provided.  To view this content you will be required to register in the DEOMI Learning Management System (LMS).  The LMS is located at  Select New Registration to complete the one time registration and you can view all supplemental training materials as well as formal eLearning courses. 

All of the videos listed below are located in the Supplemental Training area of the LMS.

Description:  How does your socialization affect your perceptions and behavior?  Does it affect the appropriateness of what you say and do in the workplace?  Does it make a difference in our decision making?

►  Quotes of Reality (Video)  

Description:  You're out for your morning run and hear about some potential issues in the unit.  You take a closer look and learn even more.  What do you do with this information?

►  Training Day (Video)  

Description:  Everyone's an art aficionado or critic.  A unit member doesn't like the recent special observance information you've posted.  Can you address the issue or do you just kick the can to another agency to resolve?

►  Poster Complaint Process (Video)

Description: Most team members want to contribute to the task.  Are you overlooking some members who want to contribute but aren't allowed to do so?  How do you groom those who are ready and willing?

►  Why Can't I (Video)  

Description:  One of your members was asked to help with a task.  But, they've gotten more than they bargained for and have asked you for your help and advice.  What is are their options?

►  You're Not My Type 

Description:  Romance is in the air. Or is it?  When does attraction become a distraction and a violation of policies?  Now, the situation has come to you.  What are your courses of action?

►  Falling Out at Work (Video)
►  Facilitation Guide:  Falling Out at Work

Description:  It's time for training but who do you select to go?  Are all members getting the same opportunities or do you have your blinder's on for some?

►  Breakroom Blast (Video)  
►  Facilitation Guide:  Breakroom Blast

Description:  Everyone is a comedian. Are all jokes appropriate and, when is enough, enough?  What do you do when this is brought to your attention?

►  Electronic Humor Stings (Video) 
►  Facilitation Guide:  Electronic Humor Stings

  Description:  We want to win at all costs and only certain members can contribute to victory.  Or, can they? Will you select the best members for your team and assume others have no capability?

►  Myth vs Reality (Video)
►  Facilitation Guide:  Myth vs Reality

Description:  I'm sure they were just kidding, what's the big deal?  Is the complainant blowing the situation out of proportion?  How do you decide and what do you do about it now?

►  Teasing Turns Personal (Video) 
►  Facilitation Guide:  Teasing Turns Personal

Description:  Learn about the various generational groups (cohorts) in the workplace and the differences between them.  Will your current management style be conducive with working with all groups?

►  Generations in the Workplace

The videos below will play directly from this site.  You do not need to log in to the LMS.

          ►  Facilitation Guide:  Physical Training 

Description: Everyone's entitled to their opinion. Right? But does that openly expressed opinion have an impact on others? And, what do you do about it?

          ►  Facilitation Guide:  Hallway Chatter 

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